Tempered Glass Protective Film Cover for Nintendo Switch

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Tempered Glass Protective Film Cover for Nintendo Switch

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Introducing the Tempered Glass Protective Film Cover for Nintendo Switch from Switch Outfits. This protective film cover is designed to keep your console screen safe from dust and scratches. It offers a tough, durable, and transparent surface that will keep your LCD screen clean and unscratched.

The film attaches smoothly with a self-adhering surface and leaves no residue when removed. The package includes one piece of glass and one set of wipes.

Keep your Nintendo Switch looking stylish and protected with the Tempered Glass Protective Film Cover from Switch Outfits. Shop now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your console is safe.

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Precious Wiza

Shipping dog slowner

Wyatt Lang

As they say

Ernest Lockman


Moriah Hane

Very nice.

Erwin Kirlin

Fit perfectly
If there are layers of air at the edges near the paint during the sticker, take a plastic card and gently smooth it out. If it does not work, slightly peel off the corner and smooth it again-I managed to remove the bubbles along the edges at all, although they were not smoothed.
Packed well, the glass is thick enough not to crack if you peel it off from one corner.

In the photo where the pink screen-before installing the glass. Where black-after installation. The original color of the screen is almost invisible under this glass, if you install it evenly, although there are fractions of millimeters and angles, under which the stripes of the original screen are noticeable-depends on how to carefully stick the glass

The wet napkin in the set arrived wet, leaves no stains if wiped dry.

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